How to install

The Loud and Clear app runs on both iOS (Apple devices) and Android.

+ Click here to download for iOS

+ Click here to download for Android

How to unsubscribe

Apple iOS

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap subscriptions.
  4. Tap the Loud and Clear app.
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription.


  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap your Google icon located in top right at end of the search bar
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions, then tap subscriptions.
  4. Tap the Loud and Clear app.
  5. Tap Cancel subscription. 

The app is frozen

Most of the time closing the app and reopening will fix this. If you are still experiencing issues, turn your device completely off and then turn on again.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anybody with Parkinson’s use Loud and Clear?

Yes! Research shows early and mid stage Parkinson’s users will have the best outcomes, but Loud and Clear should be beneficial to people at any stage of Parkinson’s.

I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s but don’t notice voice issues. Is Loud and Clear for me?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: preventative maintenance, in all areas that Parkinson’s may affect, is a powerful tool to combat symptom onset. Your voice is no different; the best way to preserve and even improve your voice is start practicing early.

Does Loud and Clear replace treatment from a Speech-Language Pathologist?

No, currently we don’t recommend Loud and Clear as a replacement to traditional voice treatment. Loud and Clear is best used as a supplement to voice treatment from a Speech-Language Pathologist.

What if I don’t like using apps on a phone or tablet?

We designed Loud and Clear to be as simple to follow as possible, and we are always here to help!

How is Loud and Clear different from other voice treatment programs?

After interviewing numerous people with Parkinson’s, the common theme that emerged is “yeah voice therapy helped me but only when I kept up with it.” The badges earned, the wide litany of different exercises, and the interactive resources all encourage a user to come back regularly to maintain strength of voice.

I like you, but…

If you’re experiencing problems or need help in any way, please send an email or even call us.We want to hear from you! Our heart is to serve and empower you.

(Note: feel free to send an email telling us what you do like about us,makes us feel good!)

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Help and Support

Loud and Clear is an affordable and accessible voice app for people with Parkinson’s Disease to strengthen their voice and restore quality of life through improved communication.

We have created a support channel for our users. If you are having issues or if you have feedback for how we can make the app better serve you, please let us know. We’re here for our users and want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to help you with your loud and clear voice.

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