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My name is Steven Darroh, and I'm an ASHA-certified Speech Language Pathologist operating out of Austin, TX. I'm married and have been blessed with three wonderful boys.

The seed of the idea for creating Loud and Clear was planted in graduate school while I was earning my Masters of Science degree from University of Texas - Dallas in 2014. I saw firsthand how effective voice treatment for people with Parkinson's is, but I saw how many people weren't being reached with the current delivery model.

In 2018, I set out to create Loud and Clear and have devoted myself to the endeavor since. Please reach out with any feedback, I love hearing from anyone involved in this arena.

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Loud and Clear is an affordable and accessible voice app for people with Parkinson’s Disease to strengthen their voice and restore quality of life through improved communication.

We have created a support channel for our users. If you are having issues or if you have feedback for how we can make the app better serve you, please let us know. We’re here for our users and want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to help you with your loud and clear voice.

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